Areas of Practice >> Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Proceedings

In the last decade, our lawyers have assisted clients in preparing and achieving successful outcomes in nearly 100 anti-dumping and countervailing duty proceedings initiated by the PRC, U.S. DOC, the European Commission and other investigation agencies. Our lawyers participated and assisted in the work of the PRC Ministry of Commerce to establish China’s anti-dumping regulatory framework in the early 90’s.

Highlights of our experience include:
  1. We represented an American exporter in the very first anti-dumping case initiated by the Chinese government after the PRC anti-dumping law took effect.
  2. We represented a Fortune 500 company in the PRC anti-dumping case on nylon 6 and filed follow-up administrative reconsideration application.
  3. We represented nearly 100 exporters in the U.S. anti-dumping investigation against Chinese wooden bedroom furniture, a case involving over 2 billion US dollars exports from China to the U.S.. We organized the furniture producers/exporters to raise funding of over 3 million US dollars for responding to the investigation and obtained very low dumping margins for our clients.
  4. In the case of U.S. anti-dumping proceedings on tapered roller bearings from China, we helped several clients to achieve zero dumping margins, and notably the order was permanently revoked for one client who obtained zero margin for three consecutive years.
  5. In the U.S. narrow woven ribbon case, we assisted client to achieve zero margin in both anti-dumping and countervailing investigations.
  6. In the EU casting case, we assisted client to obtain the only zero antidumping duty among the 40 respondents.
  7. We have acted for leading producers in over 50 different sectors.

Our professional services in this area include:

  • Monitoring on potential anti-dumping/countervailing investigations
  • Full-fledged assistance throughout anti-dumping and countervailing investigations initiated by various jurisdictions
  • Assistance in the new shipper reviews, annual administrative reviews and interim reviews
  • USITC domestic industry injury investigations
  • Clarification on, and exclusion from, the scope of merchandise under investigation
  • Preparation and assistance in on-site verifications
  • Safeguard investigation
  • Price undertaking negotiations
  • General advice on trade policy, laws and practices
  • Customs matters, duty exemption, and refund issues
  • Strategic and practical post-investigation business solutions
  • Responding to China anti-dumping investigations

During the process of assisting our clients in trade proceedings, we have maintained constant communication in order to ensure perfect understanding on each client’s specific situation and needs. This dedication to understanding our clients’ business, combined with our attention to details and high professional standards, has allowed us to discern and advance the most legally advantageous position based on each client’s unique circumstances.