Anti-dumping Duty and Other Trade Proceedings

In the past two decades, our lawyers have assisted clients in achieving successful outcomes in more than 100 anti-dumping duty and other trade proceedings in the PRC, U.S. , the European Commission and other countries. Our lawyers participated and assisted in the work of the PRC Ministry of Commerce to establish China’s anti-dumping regulatory framework in the early 90’s.
Our professional services in this area include:
  • Monitoring on potential anti-dumping/countervailing investigations
  • Full-fledged assistance throughout anti-dumping duty and other trade investigations initiated by various jurisdictions
  • Assistance in the new shipper reviews, annual administrative reviews and interim reviews
  • USITC domestic industry injury investigations
  • Clarification on, and exclusion from, the scope of merchandise under investigation
  • Preparation and assistance in on-site verifications
  • Safeguard investigation
  • Price undertaking negotiations
  • General advice on trade policy, laws and practices
  • Customs matters, duty exemption, and refund issues
  • Strategic and practical post-investigation business solutions
  • Responding to China anti-dumping investigations